Bounce House Safety

While everyone enjoys the fun that can be had with the rental of a bounce house there are some inherent dangers that you need to be aware of. Children sometimes can get a little rambunctious and without thinking can do things that will cause harm to themselves or others. This is a normal part of youth. As adults we are very aware of the harm that can be done, this is why it is important that the bounce house be supervised at all times while children are playing in them.

Some important things to watch out for are to never allow older kids to use the bounce house with toddlers. Mixing age groups can be very dangerous, while a seven-year-old is normally very active a toddler generally is still just get their balance and is not quick to react to a dangerous situation. Accidents such as broken arms can occur when an older child jumps and lands on another child. The following chart is one we use to provide a little guidance for grouping of children by age.

Age Groups

3-5 year olds

68 year olds

913 year olds

1417 year olds

Number of children allowed

10 12 children

8-10 children

6-8 children

Maximum 4

Always remove shoes before entering a bounce house.
No sharp objects, this includes eyeglasses, belts, and jewelry.
No horses play on the unit.
No pets on or around the unit, they can cause expensive repairs.
No food or drinks inside the unit, this includes candy and water.
Do not allow guest to hang on the netting or climb on the netting.
Do not allow guest to climb on the outside of a unit.
There must always be an adult supervising the safe use of the equipment.

Units must always be properly anchored using either stakes or sandbags. In some cases it is necessary to use a combination of stakes and sandbags. Bounce Houses can be inflated on concrete and other hard surfaces as long as the proper safety precautions are take. When on a hard surface play pads should be use at the entrance and exits to prevent a child from falling on the hard surface. Generally this is done on a driveway, patio or parking lot. The same precautions are used in a gymnasium or inside a building.

This information is provided as a guide for the safe use of a Bounce House, and is by no means all-inclusive. Ask your delivery driver for instructions or questions regarding your particular setup. Busy Legs drivers are fully trained on the safe placement and safe use of the bounce house units.