Cancellation Policy:

Busy Legs Bouncers rental inventories are in great demand, especially in the peak season.
We receive multiple requests for our party rental items. When you reserve with us, we do not double-book.

It is imperative, that you consider ample time to inform us as to any cancellation.
Please review our policy regarding cancellations below if you need to cancel your reservation. 

We require a 72-hour notification of cancellation prior to your scheduled event, if you should have to cancel within the 72-hour time frame you will forfeit 25% of the rental fee.  Busy Legs will issue a check and forward it to the address we have on file for the cardholder.  Refund checks are issued within 3 business days of your cancellation.

The only exception to this is, in the case of rain or inclement weather wherein the cancellation fee assessment will be waived. All orders are subject to this policy

To Cancel a scheduled event please e-mail your request to
Please include the following information:

Your name.
The date of your event.
Your Order Number,
Attn: Cancellation Dept.
*Please make sure that you have notified us within the 72 hrs. as mentioned above and that you receive confirmation via email of this cancellation. If you have not received an email from us within 24hrs. of your notification, please contact us by phone: 909.657.6006 EXT. 703


There is no cost to reschedule the rental if done 24 hours prior to your event, rescheduling is subject to availability. 


Product Condition:

We are sure that clean Bouncers are as important to you as they are to us.
Busy Legs disinfects all of the bounce houses with a disinfectant cleaner throughout the bouncers making sure we get every nook and cranny. All
reachable surfaces are disinfected and dried to prevent mildew growth
after every use.

Accessory Items:

We require table and chair rentals to accompany an inflatable or / and a
concession unit rental. Minimum rental for tables and chairs without a bouncer or party machine is $75.00.   We must require a minimum due to the escalating cost associated with delivery. 


Silly string or other damages caused to the inflatable bouncers due to abuse or misuse of the bouncer(s) will be charged to your credit card. In the event that silly string, punctures, drinks, food, vomit or other bodily contamination causes damages that are out of the normal use, the Lessee agrees to pay $50.00 per hour for additional cleaning fee or removal of any of the above, but not limited to above mention. If the bouncer is non-repairable, replacement cost
of the bouncer unit will be applied to your credit card.

Rules of Conduct:

Shoes, glasses, jewelry or sharp objects on your person must be removed before entering any Busy Legs Bouncers.    Always have an adult present to supervise the kids.   Never jump on any partially inflated unit.   Do not allow guests in the bouncer to play or climb on walls or roof of unit.   Follow specific number of riders listed on rental agreement.   Do not allow riders to hang or pull on netting.    Do not allow horseplay on unit.  No food, Drinks (including water), Silly String or pets in or on any Busy Legs Bouncer.