Company Picnic Planning

planning_a_company_picnicPlanning and organizing a company picnic can be a challenge. Finding the right venue and selecting a date sometimes requires multiple meetings and discussions before things are nailed down. We have outlined a few simple steps to help you in your endeavors and hope you find it useful. 

If you should need our assistance please feel free to give us a call. We have many items that can make your event memorable for all that attend.

Planning Special Events 


Special event planning for a corporate picnic or a family reunion can leave the planner in a state of panic.

Dealing with venues and selecting vendors requires a lot more energy than most people are capable of doing on their own.  In fact a company planning a picnic will typically have a committee that organizes the event. Members of the planning committee and their job functions vary from pre-planning to onsite hosting and coordinating.  

Budget and Date

Large event planning typically starts with a budget and a date. Companies spend thousands of dollars tocompany_event_planning host and bring about company picnic's. With some company events running in the tens of thousands of dollars. The larger a company is, the larger the typical budget to manage. Arranging entertainment and catering will normally be the biggest part of the budget. Establishing a date well in advance will insure a higher probability of having a successful event. Depending of the size of your event your planning may take up to a year. In the case of smaller gatherings in the 100 to 250 person range can be planned and executed in about three to four months. 

Steps to a Successful Event

After the decision is to made to have a company picnic, one of the first things on your agenda is going to be where to have it. Most opt for a city or regional park. City parks are great and offer many features for your guests enjoyment, but for security the regional park systems typically offers a gated entrance with a park ranger that can assist your attendees in locating your party. 

Catering a Special Event

company barbequeCatering to a large crowd can be tricky. Not everyone enjoys the same type of food. The traditional western barbeque is the most often one that is selected because it generally is acceptable to most. But living here in the South West there are many options to select from including, the traditional Mexican taco plate, the Hawaiian luau, and of course the old time favorite hotdogs and hamburgers. Surely a combination of themed menu's giving your guests a choice is also a great option.

Action Items
  1. Select the date. 
  2. Select members of your committee.
  3. Select the location.
  4. Select a menu. 
  5. Arrange for catering.
  6. Beginning planning your entertainment.
  7. Entertainment for the adults.
  8. Entertainment for the kids.
  9. Make sure there is plenty of parking onsite.
  10. Promote your event within your organization.
  11. Have fun with it.
  12. Meet with your committee regularly to insure you are on track.
  13. Develop action items and punch lists to make sure you have everything covered.

Every event is unique and there are many variables that could be accounted for. This list is just a general overview and should be used along with your detailed event list established by your team.

Park Delivery Policy

Our policy regarding park deliveries is that you must provide a permit number before we can make a delivery to a park.  The City Parks and Recreations Department will ask for a invoice from us prior to issuing your permit.  Delivery times and pick up times are scheduled based  on prior commitments and we do everything within our power to insure that your delivery is on time.  We ask for a one to two hour window for delivery to a park.  Pick ups are also handled the same way. 

We are approved to setup our units and equipment in all city parks where Jumpers and Bounce Houses are allowed.  For party planning check lists and party planning  tools please visit our resource page.  There you will find how to information and instructions for party concession machines and safety instructions for the safe use of a Bounce House..




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