Party Planning in Walnut 

Whether you are planning a party in a city park or your own backyard, Busy Legs is here to help.  We have done hundreds of parties in Walnut.  We hope the following information will be of some use in planning your next party. 

Party Planning at Home

Partying at home is as easy as 1,2,3 just pick your jumper and reserve it online.  Our system allows you to take care of everything right here no need to wait for a quote or someone to call you back.  Just select your party rental equipment and schedule your date, then pay for it all while your still here. Someone will call to confirm your  reservation within a few hours.  Credit Card charges are never charged until we speak to the card holder.

Parks in Walnut


Party Planning at a Park

Heidelberg Park

Snow Creek Park

Suzanne Park

Arroyo Park

Butterfield Park

Lemon Creek Park

City of Walnut Parks

Party Planning for a Walnut Park.  Contact the City of Walnut and secure a reservation at one of their parks. City of Walnut.  


The City of Walnut does not permit bounce houses in the city parks.   But that should not stop you from having a great birthday party at one of their great parks.




Safety First

Liability Insurance

It is a requirement that a responsible adult monitor and supervise all children at all times during the use of a Busy Legs Bouncer to insure their safety.  A brief training session is provided on each and every delivery.  If you should have questions please feel free to ask your delivery driver, they are all fully trained in the safe use of the jumpers.  

Busy Legs party rentals wishes for all parties to be a memorable occasion, but not for an injury or an accident. Whether you rent your equipment from us or one of our friendly party rental competitors please have a safe and happy event.  

Liability Insurance is a must with most parks. renters are often surprised that they are required to have an additionally insured binder from us.  Should you need to have us name you on our policy it generally takes 2 to 3 days to have this done.  Most parks will not allow you to set up a jumper without this.  Please be aware of the time it takes to have the certificate drawn up.  This is done by our Insurance Company and we have no control over their work flow or requirements.